Foreign Aid Canada (CMA) Essay

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Foreign Aid Canada (FAC)

To: FAC Executive Management Team
From: Pat Innes, CMA
December 4, 2012

Executive Summary:

Foreign Aid Canada (FAC) is a charitable organization whose mandate is to provide humanitarian aid in Africa and Asia through emergency relief, development assistance, and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programs. FAC's strategic goal is to undertake HIV/AIDS projects that will help 3000-6000 AIDS patients, while maintaining a cost of less than $700/patient/year, and continuing to provide emergency relief and development assistance. CIDA, a government organization, will fund AIDS projects if they achieve the targets set out above. In
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It is recommended that FAC hires Contractor #2 as the successful bidder. Contractor #2's successful track record with FAC, combined with recent issues related to contractors recommended by government officials, make it a more desirable candidate. In addition, this project meets the companiescompany’s objective of helping between 3000-6000 AIDS victims, and qualifies for CIDA funding, as well as takes advantage of the $500,000 restricted donation for AIDS projects.
Alternative 2 - Mobile AIDS Clinics - It is recommended that FAC

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