Foreign Affairs And Gender Roles Essay

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The 1950s was an important era in United States history as it welcomed new beliefs, perspectives, inventions and styles. It also marked the end of World War II shifting the country’s focus to the fight against communism and the Cold War. Domestically, the country’s gender roles stiffened as men tended to have jobs outside the house while women tended to work at home. Popular culture was also an important factor during the 1950s as it shaped how the decade would be perceived in the future. Depending on the topic or issue, popular culture either did or didn’t portray the reality of what was going on during the 1950s. Regarding foreign affairs and gender roles, popular culture accurately portrayed the reality of the 1950s because it truthfully covered the Korean War and fear of nuclear warfare and accurately depicted the jobs of men and women. First, popular culture accurately portrayed the Korean War and the fear of nuclear warfare in movies, music, and short TV films. In 1951, a movie called Battle Circus was released which is about a surgeon and a nurse who fall in love at a M.A.S.H unit during the Korean War.1 A big reason this movie was able to accurately portray what was going on during the war was because the technical adviser of the movie operated a M.A.S.H unit while serving in Korea.2 Because of this, the movie is able to provide insights into various aspects of the Korean War such as military culture and the brutal deaths of soldiers.3 The fact that the movie…

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