Ford Motor Company Essay

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Ford Motor Company: A Business Analysis
Mary J. Richardson
MGT 521
January 30, 2012
Erick Espinosa

Developing sound strategic plans to address the changing business climate is crucial to organizations operating in today’s global environment. Throughout its history, Ford Motor Company has developed effective strategic plans to adapt the business to the changing economy while addressing the needs of their customers and employees. By analyzing the company’s strategic planning, along with its financial standing, an investor can make an informed investment decision. “Global strategy involves thinking in an integrated way about all aspects of a business- its suppliers, production sites, markets and competition. This approach
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In a recent article from the Energy Institute, the authors stated: “It is unrealistic to expect firms operating in competitive markets to develop environmental initiatives that incur costs but not positive returns. Even public perception of a company ultimately can affect profitability in terms of sales of that company’s products or services, ease with which that company can compete for top workers or exposure of the company to litigation. Direct financial returns in cost savings associated with environmental initiatives are measurable. Indications from officials at ford and Ford’s published materials suggest that improvements at facilities have yielded real savings- the company has made an effort to develop initiatives that not only achieve environmental performance targets, but are also improvements over existing processes. It is clear that Ford is determined to seize its advantage and has made sometimes quite painful adjustments to restructure its corporate organization in order to ensure success.” (Foss, Gonzalez, Noyen)
In addition to fortifying their environmental efforts, Ford has studied Japanese companies and their implementation of new marketing strategies to further their business plan. “The implementation of market driven strategy will require skills in designing, developing, managing, and controlling strategic

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