Ford Motor Company Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… That can be a workable plan to slow down an assembly line. Workers remained in place performing the same job on automobile for smaller cars only. Instead, have a big marketing campaign; reduce prices on over stock SUVs and trucks lines. If the market should pick up for new trucks or SUV take pre-ordered for a while until the economy stabilizes. Also, as mentioned in the case study it has the advantage of getting back to Henry Ford’s vision for the company as well as dealing quickly with products that are simply not selling in today’s expensive gas environment. This way, it freed up some more fund form the over stocked vehicles to put in …show more content…
Visit the company and do a company analysis. The company monitors products or services their aim at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality. Do an Action Plan to turn a five percent profit margin within one year period. If the company has not turned a profit in that time, revisit the idea of closure of the office. The option to downside the company to produce only smaller cars, eliminating or sharply reducing the SUV and truck lines, were a feasible option. This choice will net a profit by marketing a big clearance sale on SUVs and trucks they have already. Any new SUV or truck must be pre-ordered.
Finally, the sale of Ford PAG group will net a profit to help substantial cash reserves. Ford sold few of them and it did not fit into Ford vision. It was profitable for them to sale that line. When Ford decided to sale PAG group was the Optimal Decision and the best way to trim the fat on the budget. This way it freed up some more fund for other area such the North America company vision. This can be done by using an Action

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