Ford Motor Company Case Study: Ford Motors Company

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Week 6 Case Studies
Jina Pak
BUS 700B
MBA Capstone
Prof. Catherine Garcia
Apr 10, 2016
Ford Motors Company
Ford Automobiles Company (F), founded in 1903, in Dearborn, Michigan, is the fourth largest auto maker in the world by sales revenue, followed by Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors. Tracking behind Ford are Hyundai, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, SAIC Motor, Nissan and BMW. With the sales revenue of $144 Billion in 2014, and some 200,000 employees, and the market share capitalization of $58.8 Billion USD. The only American car manufacturer not to accept any bailout funds or declare bankruptcy during 2009 financial crisis, then CEO Alan Mulally from Boeing started to steer Ford and dramatically revised its culture toward becoming one of the leading global auto maker.

Domestic and Global Corporate Strategy
Alan Mulally, as the CEO of the Ford, devised the ONE FORD plan that focused on the fast and determined actions globally, and manage what the company can handle in rush times. The four main frames of the plan includes:
1. Restructure the company to operate profitably, and meet current demand.
2. Accelerate product development with new products that the customers want while improving quality and reducing complication at the same time.
3. Obtain necessary financing
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Accordingly, Ford had a goal to close 16 plants and decrease 44,000 headcounts by 2012. By their consumer driven six sigma program, Ford also reduced cost by $3.2 billion, and with the quality improvement, Ford saved additional $1.7 billion internationally with 9,500 projects. The quality improvements also decreased the warranty spending by 18%. However, My Ford, a touch screen interactive device, didn 't operate well as expected, and gave Ford a bad reputation with its bug-ridden application. Ford needed to be working with its partners to improve the quality

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