Ford Ka Essay

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Decisions to be Made:
The primary decision Gilles Moynier must make is determining the target market for the Ford Ka. Effective targeting is highly dependent on meaningful segmentation, so selecting an appropriate segmentation methodology from the variety of alternatives is another important decision Moynier must make. Moynier’s decisions must align with Ford’s objectives and also unite all the major stakeholders behind the Ka. Once the Ka’s target is identified, Moynier can develop the product’s positioning, finalize its marketing strategy and begin planning tactics.
Relevant Facts & Issues:
Ka’s Non-Traditional Development: Due to the importance of the French small car market to their operations, Ford developed the Ka prior to
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Changing the small car consumer’s perception of the Ford brand will be critical to Ka’s success and will require a significant advertising investment by Ford.
Organizational Alignment / Segmentation Issues: Ka’s success can be facilitated with strong alignment between Ford’s major stakeholders (senior management, Ka brand team, dealer network and Ogilvy & Mather advertising firm). Unfortunately, there is no alignment with regards to selection of segmentation methodology because none of the traditional or alternative methods have identified a clear target for the Ka. Without agreement, senior management could scrap the project or approve inadequate funding for the advertising campaign. The brand team could lose focus and the advertising team could experience issues developing the appropriate messaging. Ultimately, dealers could refuse to push the Ka and instead focus on other models.
Competitive Issues: If the Ka experiences success, Ford must be prepared to take actions that minimize competitive response. Competition has increased as the traditional manufacturing mindset of specializing in certain categories of cars rather than the full range has been discarded. Today’s manufacturers are focused on growing with the French small car market and are willing to add and reorganize product lines to meet the different needs of customer groups.
Evaluation of Alternatives:
The traditional methodology of segmenting the car market into

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