Ford Information System Essay

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An information system consists of input, processing, output, and feedback. With these activates the information system helps to produce the information that associations need to get better decision-making, problem solving, controlling operations, and creating new products or services.
The information systems can assist a business in that they contain important information about an exacting client, place, or event that get place in the organization or the environment nearby it. Information systems are not as important for smaller stores as it is for the larger corporations.
A Management Information system (MIS) can be distinct as an organized assembly of resources and procedures required to collect and process data and
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(Gauch, 1992)

Planning and Standards Development
FORD is the most reasonable place to locate the information planning and control responsibility for the organization as a whole.

Technical Leadership
The background and experience of the professional FORD staff is particularly well suited to perform the technology tracking function within organizations.

User Support
The change in user department FORD roles places a greater responsibility on FORD in the area of user support. The establishment and maintenance of local area networks represents another area for user support.

Computer Operations
A viable data center operating the mainframe and ancillary equipment will remain an integral part of FORD. It is noted that there is a controversy over the future of the mainframe and visualizes its eventual replacement by PCs. In the future, PCs will be capable of running the applications that are now run on the mainframe. However, for the immediate future, mainframes will be part of the information architecture of large organizations.

Systems Development and Maintenance
Although there will be a decrease in systems development work, the manpower required for systems maintenance is expected to increase. On the other hand it creates a personnel problem within FORD since systems maintenance is perceived by FORD professionals as de-motivating, low level work.

The Situation in State Governments
Most states have drawn up an overan

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