Forces For Change And Change Essay

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Forces for Change and How Cultures Impact Change Change is a movement out of a current comfort state through a transition state to a future state. Change happens all around us, at work, at home, and in our communities. Change has the effect to be either internally motivating or externally motivated depending on how you view it (“What is change management,” 2015). In the business world it seems that organizational change is becoming more frequent and human nature remains the same with people not liking or accepting change. In addition culture is growing in importance to companies and in organizational change as well. Being able to effectively identify the forces for change and the role that culture plays in change is very important when being a leader or manager in a company.
Forces for Change Identifying the forces for change in a company has a major impact. Organizational change influences how leaders and managers implement these changes and how subordinates do their jobs. Supporting subordinates impacted by change through their transition will increase productiveness throughout. As leaders and managers you will see that some subordinates will embrace change, while others will be reluctant to it. There are four types of changes that can occur within a company. Planned change is when a company and employees make an effort for change, unplanned is when change occurs unexpectedly, evolutionary is when change is gradually implemented, and revolutionary is when…

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