Forceful Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet a classic tale of two lovers who are tragically brought to an end. And who is to blame? The forceful, intense,passionate,violent love they developed in so little time. Romeo and Juliet contains the theme of forceful love(violent, passionate,intense) a theme that we can see today in young love, in teenagers who are young and careless and impulsive, and domestic violence relationships.
Romeo and Juliet shows the theme of forceful love. Throughout the play we see how Romeo and Juliet's love grows and leads to their death. From the start of the show the audience is informed in the prologue that Romeo and Juliet will die, “From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life”. With actions such as kissing on the first date , marrying within a day of knowing each other, and not telling their parents. Their love led to the death of many of their loved ones, then leading to Romeo's banishment which lead juliet to fake her death which essentially lead to
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It was toxic to all
The theme of forceful love shows up today in modern society through young love and domestic violence relationships. In today's modern society among teens we can see where forceful love shows up. Like Romeo and Juliet teen are irrational thinkers and are quick to jump into things. In today's society young people begin dating in grades as low as the 5th. Such actions can impact youth both mentally and emotionally. Being so young and confused about yourself adding a relationship can further cloud your judgement as it did with Romeo and Juliet.
Forceful love also shows up in the form of domestic violence, in Romeo and Juliet, through the family feuding, the deaths of family members and Juliet's verbally and physically abusive father in the form of domestic violence forceful, love shows up in today's society the very same way. Now Romeo and Juliet didn’t have a physically

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