Force Table Essay

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FORCE TABLE — ADDITION AND RESOLUTION OF VECTORS INTRODUCTION Forces add together as vectors. For example, if two or more forces act at a point, a single force may act as the equivalent of the combination of forces. The resultant R of the sum of two force vectors A and B is a single force which produces the same effect as the two forces, when these pass through a common point (see figure). The equilibrant E is a force equal and opposite to the resultant. A vector may be broken up into components. To find the components of a vector in a particular coordinate system, one must find the vectors aligned with each of the perpendicular axes of the coordinate system which give the original vector when added
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Then let angle α be opposite side a, angle β opposite side b and angle γ opposite side c. The law of cosines is then c2 = a2 + b2 − 2ab cos γ, and the law of sines is sin α sin β sin γ = = . a b c These formulas can be proved from the basic trigonometric definitions. Note that in the special case of γ = 90◦ , the law of cosines becomes the Pythagorean theorem, and the law of sines follows from the definition of the sine function. 1

GENERAL PHYSICS I EQUIPMENT Force table, Four pulleys, Four plastic hangers (5 grams each), Weight set (weights of 5, 10, 20 ,50 and 100 grams), String, Bull’s eye level, Meter stick or other measuring device, Protractor. PROCEDURE


0. When adding weight make sure you consider the weight of the hanger! Since the hanger weighs 5 grams, if you want 50 grams you need add 45 to the hanger, etc. 1. Check to see that your force table is level, using the bull’s-eye level provided. (If not, you may adjust the legs slightly by unscrewing them.) 2. Attach three pulleys to the force table. (Do not tighten the screws too tightly. This can damage the pulleys.) Tie three strings on the ring and hang each over a pulley. These should be tied loosely enough to be able to slide around. 3. Attach a weight hanger on each string by winding the string around the top of the weight hanger a couple of times. (It should hold without a knot.) Be

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