Essay about Forbidden Children : The Creation Of Humanity

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Forbidden Children Since the beginning of the creation of humanity, God had his own plan for all of his creation. Men and women were deliberately created with a variety of characteristics and uniqueness so that they can complement each other and unite to form families. A good concept of a family essentially can only be formed if there is a father, a mother, and a child in that family (Farr 165). This concept is likely to be designed such this way so that all members of the family can run their roles in both their family and society properly. Unfortunately, there are same-sex couples trying to alter the concept of a perfect family which consists of a father and a mother. The role of a father in a family does not have to be taken by a man anymore and vice versa. Some people even do not hesitate to abuse technology to transform their genitals to be different from what they actually got from birth since they think that they are trapped inside wrong bodies. As time goes by, same-sex couples bravely marry their spouses despite their similar physical structures or after they changed their genitals to look like heterosexual couples. For example, Thomas Beatie who changed her status into a man in order to marry his wife, Nancy. Although he has changed his status, it does not mean he could change his destiny. He is still a woman who behaves like other boyish girls. Unfortunately, a dilemma emerges to same-sex couples, when these couples want to obtain descendants. For example,…

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