For The Sake Of Duty Essay

1555 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 7 Pages
Mone Harrison
Professor Musselman
Philosophy 1C
1 October 2015
For the Sake of Duty Every year there is some celebrity that is donating to some charity ranging from it is Justin Bieber and Pencils of Promise to Rob Gronkowski and the Buzz For Kids Foundation. As a result, each and every year we put these celebrities on a pedestal for giving back to these various communities, whether it was a haircut to help kids with cancer get wigs, or getting the various celebrity’s hoards of fans to donate money to give thousands of dollars to the organizations to support sick kids and those who are in need in other ways. Many of these celebrities brag about the work that they are doing to help support the needy and even get tax write-offs for the donations they give. This, however, makes me question their motives for their so called “good deeds,” and Immanuel Kant would question their motives as well. Kant believes in deontology, or the belief that “the action matters.” In the eyes of Immanuel Kant, a good deed is not a good deed unless its is done out of duty rather than for personal gain (Cahn). Kant 's moral requirements derive from a single categorical imperative, which represents an action as objectively necessary without regard to a further end (Cahn).
Kant is a German Philosopher born in 1724. In his time Kant managed to come up with this moral philosophy binding it to the idea of the categorical imperative. Considering the fact that 1724 and 2015 are completely different…

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