Essay about For Our Health Promotion We Used A Powerpoint Presentation

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For our health promotion we used a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation was the main resource for the promotion and was created by Lydia. Our group researched and discussed what information we would include in the presentation and what would go onto each slide. We did this in class time and then Lydia created the PowerPoint and added pictures and slide transitions. Lydia also made a script for us to use, and as a group we then decided who was going to present each slide. We divided the slides so that we all had an equal amount to say. When we practiced the PowerPoint we made some adjustments and made sure that it was transitioning properly. We made sure that the slides on the PowerPoint linked in with the questions on the questionnaires so that the form group would be able to learn the information and answer the questions in the after questionnaire. We also made sure that the information on the PowerPoint allowed us to meet our objectives. We tried to make the PowerPoint fun and not overfilled with information so that it would engage and interest the students. The PowerPoint took about three hours to create and edit.

We used a before and after questionnaire for our health promotion so that we could compare the students answers before and after our health promotion, which would allow us to see if the students’ knowledge had improved. The before questionnaire had ten questions; two of them were used to find out the students age and gender. We did this so that it…

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