Essay on For Driving My : Differentiating For Student Success

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For driving my “Differentiating for Student Success” focus the specific CSTP element and specific standard element that I will use is Standard 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning under the specific standard element of 1.1 Using knowledge of students to engage them in learning; and Standard 5 Assessing Students for Learning under the specific standard element 5.4 Using assessment data to establish learning goals and to plan, differentiate, and modify instruction.

List your current developmental level of your chosen CSTP.

For Standard 1: Integrating
For Standard 5: Applying

Where am I now?

Currently, I am more than halfway through the semester with my social science students. Recently I have made a few changes with assessing my students by having them engage in their coursework through completing crossword puzzles which correspond to the the assigned readings that they would need to complete. Also, I am starting have my students complete their summative assessments after presenting the material to them via Powerpoint presentation under direct instruction. For these summative assessments I have the students complete a teacher generated form which is a combination of a graphic organizer and a sentence frame worksheet in which the students would report about one historical figure that they learned from the lesson presentation. So far for my ELL students this seems to work well, but for my non-ELL students it may seem not as challenging or engaging…

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