For All The Saints Film Analysis

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In order to turn J.C Sturm’s For All the Saints into a short film, I will be looking at the locations, casting, and the process of turning the short story into a movie. Firstly, much of the story takes place in a hospital’s kitchen. The kitchen of the hospital is one of the most significant locations in the story because that is where Alice and Jacko met and their friendship blossomed to what it was. Another location is the Church, which is where Jacko took Alice on their last night together before Alice’s parting. Going to the Church signified Alice and Jacko’s relationship that night, as earlier Alice was in tears over her illiteracy and it was Jacko who could only console her by promising to take her to Church. Another location to look at …show more content…
Though it can be turned into a funny scene in the film, I do not wish to do so as Alice’s hat and the outrageousness of her attire already ass a humorous element to the scene. I want my viewers to empathise with Alice and not make fun of her inability to read since in that scene she is also holding her hymn book upside down. However, an element that is significant in my film will be the bond between Alice and Jacko. Alice is a woman that takes awhile to get to know and to befriend and even though Jacko’s attempts at it were unsuccessful at first, Alice had noticed the attempts, thus allowing her to be comfortable enough to play a prank on Jacko, thus the beginning of their friendship. The prank signifies Alice letting her guard down and it also shows the kind of humor she has, though Jacko did not find it particularly funny, she moved past it, most likely because Jacko saw the prank for what it was, an invitation of friendship.

Another important element I will include in the film is the part where Alice tells Jacko about her uncle. Alice, who was in the midst of enjoying herself while playing the piano, changed her mood instantly at even the thought of telling Jacko about her uncle, thus signifying how important the story is to her. It is a monumental moment in their friendship as Alice states, “I
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In order to hook the viewers, there is more flirtation of the story instead of the actual story being revealed in the trailer but the emphasis of Alice and Jacko’s friendship is what is most important, in the film and in the trailer. As the director, I want my viewers to sympathise with Alice, this dislikeable woman with temper issues that isn’t well liked by her peers and see her as a human slightly lost woman who just needed someone to open up to. Along comes Jacko who shows the softer side to her and though their relationship isn’t always great, there is caring and admiration between both of the women, especially in the scene where Alice is crying and Jacko hides her from the rest of her co-workers since they already hate Alice and would like to see her be in such a horrible state. It’s small instances like this that show the bond between Jacko and Alice. My viewers will also be intrigued into knowing more about the story of Alice’s background and the trailer only flirted with bits and pieces and did not provide every information, so they will watch the film in order to find more about Alice’s backstory and the sudden goodbye between Jacko and

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