Football Star Or Killer? Essay

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Football Star or Killer “If it fits you must acquit” was all Americans were hearing every time they read the paper or watched television (OJ: The Untold Story). One of Americas most loved people was found dead along with one of her best friends. Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman had been murdered, but who killed them. The evidence clearly shows that O.J. Simpson committed the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, even though he was found not guilty (Linder). Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was a famous football player that was married to model Nicole Brown (OJ: The Untold Story). O.J. murder Nicole Brown which was his ex-wife and her best friend Ronald Goldman, who had come over to return Nicole’s mother’s sunglasses (Linder). O.J. was always very jealous of Nicole and if he couldn’t have her then no one could. He also showed aggressive actions toward Nicole. Police reports were always filed stating O.J. beat and abused his wife (Mayer). Nicole would tell the authorities that everything was Simpson’s fault and Simpson would claim it was a different way but was it that simple (Maxwell). The day that O.J. was supposed to be questioned by the police he decided to flee town in his white Ford Bronco. The police chased him for hours before he finally stopped (Linder). There are several reasons why this case is significance in American history. This case changed the way the media reported on domestic violence (Maxwell). This trial also proved that fame over…

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