Football Is The Most Entertaining Sport Essay

1179 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
There are 80,000 fans chanting at the top of their lungs. They are rooting for their team to Beat the Hell Out of Oklahoma University. They continue to scream and shout as each play progresses, and the event begins to dwindle down to the final seconds. This is a great a sport: the fans are enthusiastic in an electrifying arena watching massively athletic competitors annihilate each other. Individuals throughout the world can agree that football is the most entertaining sport to watch. Each fall as football takes place, fans crowd from places as far as London and Paris all the way to the home turf of football, America. Football as a sport is extremely enjoyable to watch due to the fact that it is action packed, the environment is intense as well as passionate, and there are athletes of all different specimens competing in this event.
Whether it be Friday night or Sunday evening, football always seems to be ecstatic. I have played football since the third grade, and as each year progressed it seemed that the fans became wilder and louder. Now as a senior in my last year of highschool football, I can vouch that football is one of the best all around sports to both play and watch. Throughout each progressing level of football, the fans adapt and add to the already ecstatic environment. Watching football comes just as easy if not easier than playing football. Each Sunday i root for my favorite team, the Houston Texans, and proceed to watch other games from both the collegiate…

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