Essay about Football Has Changed The World

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In 1869 the game of football was born, football has been a major part of American culture. We all love the intensity and display of sportsmanship on and off the field. The game of football separates American from the rest of the world. Football has been a really popular sport in the United States, so popular that neighboring country has adopted the sport as well. Football has changed the way of living in the United States, football has pervaded job, college opportunity, and entertainment for families all over the world. Just like those families football had a very important role in my life and football really change my life. Some people say that football runs through their veins well, I think that’s the story of my life .My childhood wasn’t the best growing up with no father , that could show you how to throw your first football or take you to your first football game. I was a kid that watches the sport and had the drive and push to learn the game. My first time playing football was in the back yard, no shoes, no worries, just the fun and the rush of doing something I loved. The rain or the heat could stop me once I learned the game, we would play for hours, sometimes all day. The more I played , the more my love for the game grew stronger .I felt a connection to the game that I couldn’t explain , it was like getting your first toy and never wanting to let it go. Then something that changed my life forever happened my city started a little league .That was the best thing…

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