Football As A National Holiday Essay

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Football plays an important role in American culture. Super bowl Sunday in America is like a national holiday. Every year on the first Sunday of February family and friends gather around for a night of food, sports, laughter, and happiness. The streets are empty and the items in the grocery store are all gone. Being created here in America it has been Americans favorite pastime for the last 50 years. When it comes to the sport Americans tend to show by wearing various things such as a jersey, scarf, hat. Etc. Because of the dedicated fans purchases and overpriced game tickets, the NFL alone generates 9.5 billion dollars annually. But with all this money and attention surrounding the sport, allot of people are asking if football is dangerous to players, and if so should we be watching it? To answer the first question I do believe the sport of football is dangerous to players. The players put their life on the line every Sunday to entertain us. One hit at any moment can end their life let alone career. So should we be watching football? Yes we should. The players get paid a lot of money for the high risk they take to play the sport. Football is some peoples only way to go to college and get out of poverty. If we all decide to stop watching because it’s dangerous then we would be hurting the majority just to save the few.
Although football is a very dangerous sport the players get paid fairly for the amount of risk they take playing it. The fewest an NFL player can get paid…

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