Foot Contusion Research Paper

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Foot Contusion

A foot contusion is a deep bruise to the foot. Contusions are the result of a blunt injury to tissues and muscle fibers under the skin. The injury causes bleeding under the skin. The skin overlying the contusion may turn blue, purple, or yellow. Minor injuries will give you a painless contusion, but more severe contusions may stay painful and swollen for a few weeks.

This condition is usually caused by a blow, trauma, or direct force to your foot, such as a heavy object falling on your foot.

Symptoms of this condition include:
• Swelling of the foot.
• Pain and tenderness of the foot.
• Discoloration of the foot.

This condition is diagnosed with a physical exam and medical history. An X-ray may be
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In general, the best treatment for a foot contusion is resting, icing, applying pressure to (compression), and elevating the injured area. This is often called the RICE strategy. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines may also be recommended for pain control. If your swelling or pain is severe, you may be given crutches.

RICE Strategy
• Rest the injured area. Try to avoid standing or walking while your foot is painful.
• If directed, apply ice to the injured area:
○ Put ice in a plastic bag.
○ Place a towel between your skin and the bag.
○ Leave the ice on for 20 minutes, 2–3 times per day.
• If directed, apply light compression to the injured area using an elastic wrap. Make sure the wrap is not too tight. Remove and reapply the wrap as told by your health care provider. If your toes become numb, cold, or blue, take the wrap off and reapply it more loosely.
• Raise (elevate) the injured area above the level of your heart while you are sitting or lying down.
General Instructions
• Take over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your health care

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