Fools Crow By James Welch Essay

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The Novel Fools Crow written by James Welch depicts a fictional story of the tribe of the Lone eaters. The reading itself provided a different point of view of the situation that the Native Americans lived in after the influx of migrants in search of their wealth. Throughout the novel one can understand the causes of the conflict between the Native Americans and the White society. One can also depict different aspects of Native American culture throughout the novel that are crucial for understanding it’s the way it function and what were the causes of its downfall. In order to understand the situation in more depth one must see the historical connectivity with the fictional story as well.
Historical similarity can be seen in the Book Fools Crow with that described in the textbook America: A Concise History. According to the text book Native American tribes would negotiate their settlement to the reservations designated by the government only if certain of terms were fulfilled. Among those terms were that the US government would to provide some sort of aid, such as described in the textbook, “They had agreed to settle on a strip of land reserved by the government, in exchange for receiving regular payments and supplies.”(Pg.483). In most cases the US government would not complete its terms to provide aid to the tribes in the reservation which was the case for the Dakota. This was partially due to the inefficient and corrupted middlemen in charge of this distribution (Indian…

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