Foodcloud: Business Analysis

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A social enterprise refers to a company or firm which uses commercial strategies in an attempt to increase improvements in both human and environmental well-being. In some cases, this involves maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. For the purpose of this assignment the background of the social enterprise the FoodCloud will be outlined.

FoodCloud is a social enterprise that connects businesses with surplus food to charities in their local communities that need it via a software platform (Business, 2016) According to Galera, a social enterprise refers to organizations running commercial activities, not necessarily linked to the social mission, with the goal of collecting incomes to fund a social activity.(Giulia
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They mostly work with fresh products such as fruit, vegetables and bakery. When a business has too much food, they can upload details of this on the FoodCloud mobile application and a text is automatically sent to the charities which need this food, a pick up is then organised.

At the moment, the FoodCloud works with more than two hundred and fifty charities throughout the world. They were first introduced to the market when they signed a contract with Tesco. Tesco highly benefits from them due to their waste management bills being reduced as a result of a decreased in the amount of food waste going to landfill.
They also work with Antoinette’s bakery and the Bretzel in Dublin.
Every kilogramme of food waste they redeem is equal to 2.2 meals. To date they have been given 355 tonnes of food, equivalent to over 800,000 meals. (Business,
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Currently, the FoodCloud’s marketing strategy is to continue to attract businesses to donate surplus food. They are doing this by, reducing firm’s overall wastage management bills due to less food being brought to the landfill as waste. This is an attractive factor for businesses as it decreases their expenses. Also, being involved with the FoodCloud gives businesses a sense of community involvement since they are contributing to factors which help others. The FoodCloud also use this as a marketing strategy as it attracts potential firms which have an excess amount of

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