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1. Company Introduction and History 8

1.1 Vision Statement 12 1.1.1 Nando’s Vision Statement 12 1.1.2 Recommended Vision Statement 12 1.2 Mission Statement 12 1.2.1 Nando’s Mission Statement 12 1.2.2 Recommended Mission Statement 12

2. Macro-environmental Analysis and Industry Attractiveness 14

2.1 Porter’s Five Forces 14 2.2 Overall Macro-Environmental Pest Factors 21 2.3 Key Driving Forces Affecting the Industry 22 2.4 External Factor Evaluation (EFE) 23

3. Company and Competitor Analysis 25

3.1 Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) 25

4. Micro-Environmental Analysis and Internal Company Resources 26

4.1 Core Competencies 26 4.2 Value Chain 27 4.3
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However, if the government does the opposite by decreasing license cost and taxes or has a lenient approach to health and safety procedures, the threat of new entrants will be high.

Due to the rising income disparity and the adverse economic conditions, the number of unemployed is increasing due to which the labor cost will decrease, and the up-class restaurants will be more in demand as the rich are getting richer. Thus, the threat of entrants is high because of increased profit margins in such ventures. In case of improvement in the economy, more people could afford to go out to restaurants which give more opportunities for new restaurants to come up.

The current social trend is in favor of eating out especially at expensive restaurants, thereby, increasing their demand and also owning such eat-outs is now very socially appealing thus, increasing the threat of new entrants.

The rise in innovative technology has made management of restaurants very easy and the new sophisticated software now enable restaurants to run with less number of employees, thereby, reducing the labor cost. Thus, this factor increases the threat of new entrants.

|B |Bargaining Power of Buyers |Yes |~ |No |

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