Food, Water, Shelter Essay

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28 November 2016
Food, water, shelter-- the three basic necessities for survival. However, advances in technology and industry have turned food, one of the essential items in sustaining life, into something that is causing more deaths every year, and the government is contributing to these deaths rather than stopping them. Therefore, in order to improve public health, the food industry should not be able to lobby with or contribute money to the government or the FDA.
Throughout history, large food corporations have lobbied and paid the government when government nutritional standards reflected poorly on their product. Due to this corporate influence, nutritional standards, especially in the United States, are not always created with the consumer’s health in mind. For example, for almost fifty years sugar companies have been paying off and lobbying with the government to make fat look like the worst ingredient in food, when, in fact, science shows that sugar is a major contributor to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes (Domonoske). Along with contributing to disease, biology teacher John Atchley states that sugar has addictive properties due to its effects on body hormone levels. This alarming property only adds to the risks of consuming sugar. However, in 1967 a group--which many believe was funded by the sugar industry-- called the Sugar Research Foundation published articles that stated that there were flaws with the science that had previously proven that sugar was…

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