Food, Water, Fire And Earth Essay

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In two weeks, we compare pollan’s recipe and other recipes which we find in ASU farmer market Pinterest page. As far as I am concerned, a good recipe need to has cooking methods, component of ingredient and some tips for cooking. Pollan’s recipe divide four parts which is air, water, fire and earth. He think it is cooking basic elements. He uses four basic elements to cook. We can see the four basic element transform delicious food. In ASU farmer market Pinterest page, It contains too much information. It doesn’t divide in detail. Although it doesn’t divide in detail, it still has a lot of highlight. Two recipes are good recipes. In this paper, I will focus on compare two recipes similar and difference. In pollan’s recipe second basic element is water. In the first project, I refer that the water is very important for us. In this part, pollan introduce how to make Meat sugo and pasta. Pasta is come from Italy, and most popular in western country. In this recipe, he divide six parts. The six parts which are for the spice sachetm, for the sugo, for serving, make the sachet and to serve. It looks too complex and long to read. At the same time, we can divide three parts. The three parts is ingredient preparing, cooking processing and how to serve. At the first paragraph, he introduce the meat sugo and pasta. It is unnecessary to learn about it in my view. But you can read it before you cook. Under the first paragraph, he shows the active time and total…

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