Food Waste

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Food waste has been a crucial problem around the world, especially in the United States. It’s one of those problems that we don’t tend to pay attention to but continues to affect us. People all around the world at some time in their life throw food away, based on the amount they have and the expiration of the food. There are people in the world that struggle each day for a meal, but instead they have to starve or dig in trash cans to look for dinner.

I remember when I was younger, my mother used to inform my siblings and I how important food was. She would inform and remind us that not every person in this world has the opportunity to have food on a plate each night. She made sure we understood how to value food, to see it’s importance.
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Food that won’t go bad until about the next week and a half, they just take it and dump it. In the documentary, we noticed how jeremy continuously wrote letters to the manager of Trader Joe’s. The managers refused to discuss the issue, until jeremy confronted the manager in person. They came to an agreement that at a certain time each day they would let him know when the food is being dumped out. This allowed jeremy to gather truck loads of food and donate it to the homeless shelter in Downtown LA. Everyone knows that not all parts of Los Angeles are pleasant places. There’s a large percent of people that struggle to put food on plates each day, people struggling to make ends meet. If everyone took a second to think and realize how all this food going to waste affects the world. According to the article, “Americans threw away more than 36 million tons of food in 2012”. The amount of food has been rising dramatically over the past few years, and will continue to do so if nothing is done. Let’s imagine how many people 36 tons can feed, equivalent to 72,00 pounds of food. The amount of people we could feed and the empty stomachs that growl each night because we decided to throw away 36 tons of usable …show more content…
Many families always either cook or buy too much food. What happens to the food is it’ll either go to waste or just go bad. This will lead to throwing the food out and wasting something that could’ve been consumed by someone in need. We can continue to provide food donations to homeless shelters and the people in need. There should be more supermarket owners cooperating and allowing people to donate their food to the people in need. Large supermarkets don’t sell all of their produce, donating to the people in need shouldn’t be a harm to the owners. Many people in the United States have gone out of their way to personally drive around cities with large percentages of homeless people to distribute food. A nice warm dinner meal is something that no human being should be deprived of. Especially with Each family in the United States can easily plan ahead, buying the food that they know they’ll eat. This can benefit them in two ways, they save money and can help the people in need. Don’t buy a lot of a certain food that you know your family members won’t eat, reasonable amount. Larger wealthier families also play a vital role in food

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