Modern Farm Animal Security

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Does modern farm animal production increase or decrease food security?
In 1993 the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations reported that despite the increase in food availability, there were still “800 million people suffering from malnutrition” (Sansoucy 1993) globally. This creates an imbalance of the food supply, while there is enough food to feed everyone, there is not a good enough distribution which leads to a decrease in food security. With the introduction of organic food, many people are changing their diets and there is less pressure on animal food suppliers. However, some modern farm animal producers are still having a hard time meeting the supply and demand issue that is coming from the Western world as many
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If this trend continues – alongside the expanding population – it will become increasingly difficult for people to get a stable food source, putting more pressure on food security as a whole. More than half of all the animal-source food globally, are produced by 70% of rural, small scale, farmers who depend on the livestock for their income (MacMillian 2014). This will create an issue for food security as the in the 21st century animal agriculture there is a much higher demand for animal protein products, globally. This will continue to increase as the population continues to expand. With more mouths to feed, there will need to be a rethink on how food is distributed and a rethinking in animal science (Future of Animal Science Research 2015). It is this that will allow sustainable food security across the globe. So, the modern animal farm production will cause a decrease to food security. Furthermore, as times have changed, farming has also changed in order to adapt to the modern technology world today. Organic foods have become much more popular over the past few years and as a result of this, farming has adapted. One programme which was introduced was the “Green Revolution.” …show more content…
There is still an argument towards the global food supply and while most people think that this will solve the food security imbalance there is more to be focused on in the local food supply. If more time and money is put into supporting local farmers to get there food out to a nearby community it may result in a shift between the imbalance of food security. Programmes such as the Green Revolution were introduced as a way of dealing with organic crops and helping people shift their diets. This change in diets, such as people switching to vegetarianism, then food security may increase globally. Many modern farmers have had to adapt the way they farm over the years to combat a number of issues such as the changes in the climate and disease and pesticides and the repercussions which have come along with it. It is due to these changes in the modern farm animal production that there is has been a decrease in food security. Farmers are still unsure of how to adapt to new technology which could help them increase their yields and allow an evenly distributed food source. Therefore, while modern animal farm production may be currently decreasing food security, with a little more time and a shift in the balance, it could be possible to

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