Food Safety : The Food Essay

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Food Safety
Imagine you have a happy and fun day with your family, and you are enjoying eating your wonderful dinner with your family. Have you ever thought about what you eat every day? Some of the people don’t care about what they eat every day. People always go to the market to buy food because there is a lot of food that people can choose. Food is most necessary to us every day because every one of us needs food for survival. Everyone wants to eat safe food because we don’t want to die by eating unsafe food. The government should protect us by having safe and healthy food. As Kowalyk say, “When my two-and- a-half-year-old son Kevin was stricken and went from being a perfectly healthy beautiful little boy… [H]e went from that to being dead in 12 days… [W]e ended up eating three hamburgers before he got sick.” (Food Inc.). The company is not very serious about taking care of their food which was shown when the little boy Kevin dies by eating unsafe food. Food safety regulation is not sufficient to protect the interest of consumers: animals should have a good environment to produce good meat, food should always be fresh and safe, and fresh vegetables should be grown without any pesticides to give people’s healthy bodies.
First, farmers should produce healthy meat to sell in the market for people. There are many farms that raise animals, such as pigs, chickens, cows, etc. Non-organic farmers feed unhealthy diets to the animals. When animals are grown with antibiotics, the…

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