Food Safety As A Safe Food Supply Essay

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In the early 1900’s food safety was an issue that was never regulated or enforced. Until the day that Upton Sinclair recognized the severity of this issue and put a count on how many people were getting sick and dying from food poisoning. What has Food Safety evolved into today in the present compared to the early 1900’s? Food safety has drastically set rules, laws and regulations from the temperature of the meat your cooking down to the proper storage and utensils used to cook the food. In the article “The Evolution of a safe food supply written by Shawn Stevens, he mentions that food safety inspections were done at a local level meaning here say or the popularity of the person who owned the business but with no real confidence of the product that was being served, and were it originated from. Although in the past century, the way food is being grown, manufactured, distributed and regulated has changed drastically that food safety awareness stands at its highest level in the history of food safety and is fairly proud (Stevens, 2014). With technology advancing, each year you can count on new tools being developed to increase the awareness of food safety (Stevens, 2014).
Upton Sinclair wrote a book titled, “The Jungle.” This book was geared toward the harsh working environments of immigrants in the meat industry. The readers were more shocked at how the meat was handled. Sinclair (1905) would indicate a butcher being drenched in pork blood with no proper sanitation being…

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