Food Safety And Sanitation Practices Essays

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The Hawthorn is a market that offers various products such as convenience products, foods, and drinks and it is a one of the ISU dinning centers which is located in the north side of campus. All of the meal is prepared right after receiving orders from the customers, except snacks and diary items which are ready-to-eat food. This market has quite strict rules for food safety and sanitation during food production, displaying, and services since it can occur serious problems to the people who buy some stuffs from this center. Their operation considers cleaning and sanitizing, personal hygiene, controlling time and temperature, and preventing cross-contamination as major factors that can impact on food safety and sanitation practices. Cleaning and sanitizing are the one of the significant concepts of their operation due to numerous effects on the foods and environments. In the Hawthorn, workers have less work to do for the dishwashing than other dining centers because they sell the food in the plastic plates or bowls which are used only for once. Thus, they clean and sanitize their cooking equipments or utensils by dishwashing machine and manual washing during work time. For instance, they wash and change their utensils after the breakfast, lunch, and dinner in every position to avoid the growth of bacteria or pathogens, and when they drop the equipments such as tongs, they change it and clean right after it is happening. Aside from that employees regularly clean the area…

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