Food Quality Of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

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What pops into one 's head when one thinks of a fast food restaurant? Some would probably think of cheap greasy burgers and gross floors and booths. This is the cheap burger joint portion of the fast food restaurant classification. But, there are other types of fast food restaurants that are of higher quality that are nicer and healthier. The latter mentioned are the category that the restaurant Subway falls into. All restaurants should be held to a certain standard, and there are many categories in which one can judge a restaurant. Three important characteristics one can use to evaluate fast-food restaurants are their quality of food, customer service, and cleanliness; based on these characteristics, Subway would receive a 5 out of 5 rating.
What is quality of food? It is the overall taste, appearance, freshness, makeup, and preparation of the food. This is important because if the food is of poor quality then it won’t taste good, be hygienic, or look appetizing. Also, food of higher quality is known for being healthier for one to eat. A good example of high food quality would consist of fresh fruits and vegetables that had been prepared recently. In addition, the meat should be humanly raised without antibiotics. The bakery items should be made fresh daily and all of the food items should look appetizing. A poor example would have meat that is of a poor grade, bread that is hardened, and fruit that isn 't fresh. The…

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