Food Production And The Food Industry Essay

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Food is one of the most important resources on Earth; everyone needs to eat to live. The worldwide need for nutrition creates a massively wealthy industry. Food production is a large scale business, and maximizing profits is the most important element of this industry. Margaret Atwood creates a parallel of this greed in her book Oryx and Crake. The food industry in Oryx and Crake is much more dramatically adulterated: meat and other food products have been mostly replaced with soy, and some foods seem to not exist anymore, like cheese. There have also been innovations to mass produce food products, as is shown with the ChickieNob and Happicuppa coffee. Atwood created this fictional food industry to compare it to the modern food industry. It is much more exaggerated than the current industry, but not too far off from the idea. Food production and farming has changed greatly in the past century. New farming methods, equipment, fertilizers, and pesticides have revolutionized the way a farm works. They are no longer small fields owned by a family who grows an assortment of crops and raises an assortment of livestock. Modern crop farms are several times larger than those of the past and only grow one or two different crops. Farms no longer raise crops and livestock together either. Corn and soybeans are grown in massive monocultures, and chickens, cows, and pigs are fattened and slaughtered in concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. Over the past fifteen years,…

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