Food Production And Its Effects On The Food Industry Essay

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The meal that is put on our table today has drastically changed from what it once was. We have gone from producing all our own food to being able to go to a drive-thru or simply popping a TV dinner into the microwave. America has come a long way with the way food is produced. This allows us to be able to have access to any type of food we want, basically whenever we want. This is due to a change in distribution, processing, and equipment. All the foods we may love may be a lot easier to have, however is this necessarily better for overall health? Big changes started happening from 1870-1900. This is the time where there was a growth in agricultural production. Mass-production began to dictate in the food industry. 90% of the products produced were bought which led to only 10% needed to be exported. To transport all of the goods and to transport materials to make the goods, railroad cars with refrigeration was invented. This especially helped out the meat industry because they were able to transport without the items spoiling. It wasn’t until the 1970s that fresh meat was available year round. The only time available was during slaughtering times which was normally in the winter months so it would stay cold. Chicago was the main place for meat slaughtering because they created cold storage houses by using ice from the great lakes, making it possible for year round operation. Companies such as swift started using the refrigerated railroad cars in the 1880s to make it…

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