Essay Food Production And Consumption Habits

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Seemingly, the world moves at a pace where people appear to sacrifice health and the opportunity to stop and compare options in order to add minutes to the day. This sacrifice seems apparent in the choices Americans make when purchasing food. In the last fifty years, there have been shifts in consumption patterns (Popkin, Adair, & Ng, 2012). Seemingly, changes in consumption habits have correlated with the increased prevalence in obesity. It was reported in 2012 that 34.9% of Americans were obese, compared to 22.9% in 1994 (National Center for Health Statistics, 2014, p. 215). In addition, more than 3/4 of the energy purchases in the United States came from moderately and highly processed foods and beverages in 2012 (Poti, Mendez, Ng, & Popkin, 2015). Increasingly, supermarkets are the force driving the changes in food expenditures (Popkin et al., 2012),Given the advances in food production, it is becoming difficult to return to traditional ways of obtaining and preparing food (Popkin, Adair, & Ng, 2012). Consequently, public health needs to address people’s environment in order to improve dietary and lifestyle patterns (Story, Kaphingst, Robinson-O’brien, & Glanz, 2008). Addressing the tools used to influence choices could reduce the prevalence of obesity and improve dietary and lifestyle patterns.
Cost and Effect
While considering governmental tools, Cecchini and colleagues (2010) deliberated that fiscal measures and food labeling would potentially create…

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