Food Prices And Food Choices Essay examples

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Consuming a healthy and balanced diet remains a priority for reducing chronic diseases. The relationship between food prices and food choices has been put into the spotlight to understand whether they affect the quality of an individual’s diet. The difficulty for individuals to achieve a healthy balanced diet has been blamed on the skyrocketing prices of highly nutritious fresh produce compared to cheaper more appealing prices of processed foods. Socio-economic factors can influence an individual to choose cheaper alternatives and undertake a diet full of processed foods and added fats which can have possible long term effects on health due to an inadequate diet. Although the price of food is only one of many factors that may influence the quality of an individual’s diet. The price obstacle may be an excuse for an individual’s unhealthy diet. This leaves the public questioning whether the price gap between healthy and unhealthy foods influences the quality of a person’s diet.
Rising food prices of highly nutritional healthy foods are having severe negative impacts on the population’s health and nutritional status. There is no doubt that the significant price gap between healthy and unhealthy food is a primary determinant of food choice. A healthy food choice is considered to contain essential nutrients needed to maintain good health, provide a diet high in fibre, with little or no added sugar or fats and comes from a variety of sources such as fruit and vegetables. Whereas…

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