Food Price And Its Effects On Food Essay

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education.. As we have spoken about earlier Some households will trade in quality and diversity for quantity. They usually start by decreasing the amount of food groups each of their meals hit upon, targeting food that are high in calorie intake opposed to the healthier low calorie foods. Some households will decrease the amount an individual receives per meal or they decrease the number of meals in general. Other coping mechanisms would be having both parents in the household work longer hours, or work extra jobs, leading to lower quality childcare at home. if there is an infant in the home with a working mother, she might opt for formula rather than breastfeeding the child, denying them the nutritional value of breastmilk. Now when you look at the impact of high prices at a national level the statistics show that countries that export benefit and the countries that import suffer. The countries that import are usually found to have few reserves and insufficient budgets to procure imported food at higher prices. The countries that are least affected by food price increases are those that can cushion themselves on the domestic level through subsidies or the release of stocks. this allows the country more time to adapt to the change,1 while other countries that do not have cushion have to take the change head on and go to more extreme measures to procure food for their domestic populations. (Gustafson, D. J. 10) When it comes to monitoring global food insecurity, it…

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