Examples Of Food Nostalgia In Film

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Food: It makes you think twice
The different ways food is presented in film is a form of art and science combined that may be used to help portray basic themes and principles. Without food, we would all die of starvation and malnutrition. The way a family has dinner or even what they have for dinner can be a way to determine the strength of the relationships. If a family is ordering takeout and eating in separate rooms they are very divided and care less about their health and each others well being than to eat a home cooked meal together. In films, relationships, nostalgia, and race & gender roles can be interpreted by food or situations involving food changing the psychological view of the audience.
In many films, the
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Nostalgia could represent a good and bad past from the flashbulb memory. In a good situation, you have a character who so disconnected from his past and wants nothing to do with his family until his new wife cooks up thanksgiving the same way his great aunt would. He is then mesmerized by all of the good memories of family and he then decides to call his family for an intervention to resolve their differences. Food can ultimately serve for than just corporal purposes, it can bring emotion from your episodic memory.
In real life, food nostalgia can be controlling. You’re at a concert and you smell fried Oreos. Regardless of your diet you have to splurge on them to remind yourself of your past. Retzinger explains, “-nostalgia is turned completely on its head and references to the past provide ore horror than comfort (376). A man goes to a party and approaches a bowl of a mysterious punch. He knows what mysterious punches do to him when he remembers a bad night after drinking a mysterious punch at a college
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Media recognizes the top chefs to be male when the women are putting dinner on the table every night. Another stereotype or cultural standard when it comes to gender would have to be portion sizing. Women are required to eat foods to make them lean and fit while men can eat whatever they want without any judgement. In reality a woman looks at almost every move a man makes when food is involved. A couple goes on a date to a nice restaurant. He is on time, the most important quality. He pulls out her chair and waits for her to be comfortably seated before taking his own. He asks what she would like to eat and orders for her. The gentleman makes eye contact has great conversation and seems to be very interested. At the end of the meal he offers her a dessert and, pays the bill. Most women would consider this to be a great date and wouldn’t mind going on a second. There are always traditional guidelines that come with food like children eating first, the eldest person blessing the food, or even having the women cook inside while the men cook

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