Food Marketing And The Food Industry Essay

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Marketing refers to the process employed by companies to encourage the consumption of their commodities. The food industry is one industry that employs this advertising as an essential marketing tool to sell its products. Food marketing to children has been identified as playing a key role in the national obesity crisis facing American children today (Center, 2016). However, the industry has been in the limelight in recent years, courtesy of its marketing with children. Foods target children and include the energy-dense fast foods, soft drinks that are carbonated, sugary cereals for breakfast, snacks and baked products usually have high contents of fats, sugars, and salts. In other words, these commodities have poor nutritive elements (Buckingham, 2014). Some experts have remained adamant that such kinds of foods contribute to an obesogenic environment, which makes the choices of healthy meals very challenging and more so for children following the marketing of the products. The main controversy today is in the manner in which advertising of these foods by the food companies affects the children regarding both diet and health.
The World Health Organization, Food, and Agriculture Organization jointly of the United States (WHO/FAO) held expert consultations in the year 2002 and concluded that the heavy advertising of these fast foods together with the energy-dense poor foods and beverages was a “probable” causative factor in gaining weight and obesity among the children…

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