Food Lovers Village Mystery By Leslie Ann Budewitz

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Leslie Ann Budewitz is an American author who combines her passion for food and mystery to write mystsery novels. Born in Montana, Budewitz attended Notre Dame Law School and Seattle University. She went on to practice law in Seattle for a few years before heading back to her home state of Montana. She still practices employment law and civil litigation in Montana though she says killing people in books is much more fun.

A national best-selling author, Budewitz is best known for the Spice Shop Mystery series and the Food Lovers Mystery series of novels that are set in northwest Montana. The books focus on two women Pepper Reece and Erin Murphy who she asserts share her passions and knack for running into trouble.

As a legal practitioner, it is no surprise that
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She lives in northwest Montana with her Burmese cat named Ruff who is an avid bird watcher and a book cover model, and her husband Don Beans a doctor of natural medicine and a singer songwriter.

Summary of Death Al Dente by Leslie Ann Budewitz
The first book of the Food Lovers' Village Mystery, the novel is set in the fictional village of Jewel Bay Montana and due to its obsession with homemade and homegrown food it is also known as Food Lovers’ village. So it is only practical that Erin Murphy who takes over the running of her father’s general store converts it into a boutique market chock full of home-grown cusine. However, she is rudely awakened from the bliss of a booming business when a former employee is the victim in a gruesome murder.

Mercantile Murphy alias Merc has been a popular fixture in the little town of Jewel Bay for over a century. To celebrate its transformation into a gourmet food market, Erin organizes the Festa di Pasta festival another old town ritual to commemorate the event. The festival features a range of delicious culinary dishes from Jewel Bay including some of her mother’s best Italian

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