Essay On Food Labels

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Food labels otherwise known as Nutritional Facts on many food and hair care are placed there for a specific reason. With that reason shoppers are buying products that may seem healthy but in reality are not really better than anything else. The importance of understanding what is on food labels is needed in other countries but is very urgently needed in the United States. Words like “low-fat”, and “reduced” or “zero calories” on an item don’t always mean they are healthier, in most cases it means that there are chemicals placed in these items that can and possibly will harm you.
What is a food label? What do the things on food labels mean? A food label is a source of information on an item. Producers do their “best” to try and make the food as seemingly harmless as possible when creating these labels. While there is some nutritional value in products there is one specific rule in making these called: “The 5/20 rule”. Which is used by customers to decide what food does and doesn’t fit into your diet. It’s not a “good or bad” thing. This only helps you as a person decide if a specific food item has the necessary additives such as Vitamin A, potassium, etc. to be included in your
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Not only does it do this, but it can help determine if a serving of a food is high or low in a vital nutrient. This information is important to having knowledge of reading food labels because it can affect the way you as a person live day by day. Throughout the many factors put into making food labels, this would be the utmost important part because it can factor how much of your daily recommended proteins and vitamins go through your

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