Food Is Vital For Supporting Human Life Essay

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Food is vital for supporting human life, providing the nutrients and calories that distribute the energy required for individuals to go about their daily lives. The accessibility to food that provides the best nutrition is essential for the safety of the community food sources and public health. The concern of hunger and undernourishment are commonly associated with progressing nations and are often unnoticed in prosperous countries such as the United States. On the other hand, there are developing regions forming across the United States called the food desert. Food deserts is a term first introduced in the 1990’s in England to characterize areas without affordable fresh food or full-service markets (Gottlieb and Joshi 2010, p. 40). Corporations such as Circle K create food deserts, and they do not take responsibility for those deserts, which are based on cheaper unhealthy locally convenient foods that deny adults the chance to lower obesity rates because they live too far from a proper grocery store.
If the families in low-income neighborhoods eat fast food instead of healthy food to save money it is because corporations make that unhealthy food cheaper than health food. Therefore, to solve the unhealthy food outcome there has to be a solution to add more supermarkets and grocery stores that can offer fresh healthy foods for the people living in a food desert community. “Researchers have found that individuals with limited or no access to supermarkets may have limited…

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