Essay on Food Is The Staple Of Any Society

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Food is the staple of any society. Before the practice of agriculture a sustainable supply of food was hard to come by; as a result, people were subjected to a harsher way of life. The invention of agricultural practices, and the resulting sustainable food supply, revolutionized the way life could be lived. However, there is a cost as population increases so to does, demand and in the name of expediency shortcuts are taken, which can be hazardous to the average individual.1 Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, looks at the modern food process in America and the negative impact it has on the average consumer.2 However, it is not always the industry that is to be blamed, as pointed out in Food Fears by Alison Blay-Palmer, sometimes it is the government that does not fulfill its fiduciary responsibility to the people thereby causing harm to be done to the consumer.3 There are a variety of factors that impact how safe food is these include how the food is produced, how the food is processed, and government intervention in the process. First, it must be ascertained as to how our food is being produced. The authors this week focus predominantly on the production of meat. 4 The production of meat has been dramatically altered with the “industrialization and centralized system of food production” (Schlosser 2006, page 195), 5 which has resulted in the ability to sicken a large number of animals relatively quickly. 6 This is possible because cattle are no longer allowed to…

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