Food Is The Most Essential Part Of Life Essay

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Food is the most essential part of life to sustain viability. I think that processed foods are extremely dangerous to our overall health. The reason why it is detrimental to our health is because in order to process any food and make it last longer, stay fresher, and not spoil, you have to add harmful chemicals that hurt the environment. Also, I believe that organic foods are not only not processed, but supposed to be made without the use of pesticides. To create processed food, people use antibiotics and growth hormones which distort the size and shapes of food. I believe that the consumption of organic and whole foods is better for human kind directly for their own health and indirectly for the environment.
A processed food means that it has been changed from their original first state for convenience and safety. The food process transforms raw ingredients into food through a series of steps. This includes pasteurization, preservation, canning, boiling, grilling, and more. Genetic modification is a trend in this century and most of what people eat contain genetically modified ingredients. What these foods are missing are necessary ingredients that are bodies require. We do not need any oils, fats, sugars, and extra sodium piled into our food. Most people are accustomed to the flavor and taste of the foods and do not realize what we are imputing into our bodies. Processed foods are unhealthy and potentially directly harmful to those that consume that. I understand that it…

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