Essay about Food Is The Foundation Of Our Lives

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Food is the foundation of our lives; it 's more than mere substance. Food provides us with nutrients, allows us to communicate with others. People can use food as a Segway to tell someone some important information. To tell them they love them, Tell them they want to business with them. There are so many facets of food that run so deep in our society as Americans. Whether that changes in other cultures, I 'm sure. But the connection between food and family is one that can always be made. If we didn 't Have these outlets to communicate and shares moments together, I 'm not sure when we would ever unite together perhaps a funeral or a wedding.
In a local sense, you can say food is important in just a day to day perspective, families are given the chance to catch up which helps grow a relationships ' trust. Being in a single mother household, when my mother gets home from work she doesn 't have the energy to cook. Understandably, How can you expect someone to work a job all day and then expect them to come and work some more? Somedays in our family, we get take-out food. The real appeal of take-out food or fast food is that you can go to a place pay a certain amount of money, and have food given to you, ready to eat. Once you are done, you throw it away and there is no clean up. Conceptually, this is the reason it is so popular amongst Single mother households or even households that contain one parental figure because there is no clean up, there is no prep time or having to…

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