Food Is The Center Of Our Social Gatherings Essay

1151 Words Feb 8th, 2015 null Page
When you get together with family it never fails that there will be food involved. Food has become the center of our social gatherings. From tailgates to holidays food make has become a part of how we socialize with others. Food provides a mutual buffer in uncomfortable situations between individuals. The importance of food for my family in particular is no different. With people traveling hours upon hours for a meal and a day’s worth of socialization the classic dish of chicken n’ noodles is always included in the meal. This classic homemade dish has become a standard at many family gathering events.
Since I can remember my whole family has come over to my house for Thanksgiving to celebrate and eat an extravagant meal. Over the years we have acquired many traditions when it concerns Thanksgiving. The biggest tradition is my grandma’s chicken n’ noodles I would say. Her chicken n’ noodles are not like the ones that you get out of a can they are thick and cooked to perfection. The chicken n’ noodles are something that my grandma was famous for by people even outside my family. She would be asked to make them for friend’s birthdays or other occasions.
The process of making noodles is an ordeal within itself. I first learned at eight how to make noodles one fall Saturday afternoon. It is a two day process but it honestly is not that difficult to make. With the help of my grandma that afternoon I learned how to make something that has become a family tradition. Being eight I…

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