Food Is A Nation Of Unhealthy Consumerism Essay

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Food is one of the most important topics we discuss in life, especially in today’s society. At a very rapid pace, America evolved into a nation of unhealthy consumerism. Fast food restaurants went up on every street corner in a matter of just a few years. Companies began distributing toys with kids meals in order to become more appealing. They were able to recognize that parents don’t want to fight with a screaming 6 year old that wants a toy from McDonald’s because they now have Avengers toys from the newest movie and took it into careful consideration. Advertising took a major toll on society when fast food chains began using colorful and cheerful commercials and ads everywhere you turn, drawing you into a sort of mental trap that made you think unhealthy food was a good idea for lunch today. I saw a commercial the other day from Jack-in-the-Box appealing to the increasingly popular ‘stoner’ trend, followed by an apparent ‘case of the munchies’. They were advertising their new “Munchie Meals”. Advocates of Marijuana usage could hardly resist this appealing new concept made easily accessible to them. Taking this into consideration, we must realize something imperative in advancing our nation in a positive manner. It is crucial that we as Americans recognize that we must transform ourselves into a nation of active and high spirited people in order to develop into a society of well respected and hard working people.
Society changes rapidly and has done so over the entire…

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