Food Is A Major Source Of Fuel Essay

1046 Words Nov 25th, 2014 null Page
Food is a major source of fuel for people in their everyday busy life. They need their source of energy to interact with work, school and life successfully. But not all food is good for everyone; some people are allergic to some sorts of food while others cannot have some sorts of food for medical reasons. The other factor why people do not eat healthy or good food is because of the price that it is sold at, it cuts into to their budgets and not all have a good six-figure salary so they resort to fast oily foods. The way food is made and eaten is also another factor to how a food is bad or good. Like most deep fried food is not good for you because of the oily grease that is used to cook it, it causes obesity, stroke, diabetes and cancer risk rates to increase and also ready made microwaveable food is nothing but preservatives and substitute meat in it, which a has a heavy does of sodium and calories in it and no one never really knows what is in the food. Food that is grilled is better and good for everyone because it doesn’t use grease or oil and is cooked by the heat of the grill, leaving it more nutritious and has less fat on the meat and also food that is stemmed is also good for people because it is light and healthy, also softens the food fibers which is also easily digestible. The food and service provided in the campus cafeteria is bad because the food prices are overrated, the food is not healthy for the students and also the tables and chairs are not always clean…

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