Food Is A Big Part Of Who I Am Essay

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Food is a big part of who I am. Eating is an activity that I share with my family and it is one of my primary concerns and even a hobby. My family is known from been foodies: we cook everything from scratch, we know the best places to eat and have tried and eat any type of food: Japanese, Indian, Jewish, Italian, and many others. My dad’s parents were Italian which makes him the king of food while my mom comes from a family where cooking is just second nature. My relationship with food has been somewhat complicated: I have always loved it but I have had my share of capriciousness on choosing how I eat and how I eat.
Since I was born I was around this same environment but from what they told me I only ate what I liked: beef and pasta where a must. However, I have always been the skinniest and short girl in the class. For this reason, ever since I was very young, my mom used to take me to the endocrinologist, which it could be said was my only strain from my childhood. The “treatment” from something that was no other but genetic (both my parent’s side height is a just a little under the average) was to eat five times a day with lots of carbohydrates and proteins, while keeping a diary of all these. It also required me to get blood test to see how my body was in-taking each of the necessary nutrients as well as getting lower arm and hand x-rays to see the growth in my bones internally. All this process was monthly. After a year or two, I was tired of the whole process and I…

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