Examples Of Food Insecurity In America

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Food insecurity is a huge issue that affects a lot of people in America, more people then you may think. People that you may know and interact with everyday could be struggling with food insecurity and not knowing where their next meal will come from, and you would have no idea and have no way of knowing by just looking at them. The definition of food insecurity is “the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods and limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods” (USDA). These people who are food insecure aren’t people that are starving and are going to die if they don’t get some food, these people are probably the complete opposite from what you were thinking. They just don’t know where their next …show more content…
To be without these supermarkets which it is the only place for affordable, healthy foods, puts many Americans today living in a food desert and struggling to find food, and they are rampant in cities all across the united states. Another characteristic of a food desert is socio-economic or low income places. These places happen to be more predominantly black and other minority communities. In the video The American Food Disparity Michael Curtin explains how in Washington DC that on one side of the river there’s a low income neighborhood and that thy only have three sufficient grocery stores. However, on just the other side of the river in a nicer neighborhood where a lot of the business are located with almost the same population of people and the same geographical size of the other one, but they have nearly 100 good sufficient grocery stores where they can go and get the food that they need. In more rich and affluent neighborhoods, on average, they have four times as many supermarkets as they do in less wealthy and poor communities. Also, grocery stores in low income and poverty stricken neighborhoods are often much smaller and less adequate with a less selection of fresh and healthy foods. This shows that there is a big problem, and there needs to be more supermarkets with fresh and …show more content…
Too many people do not realize how hard many inner cities (blacks and other minorities) have it. They do not have life easy as it is, and on top of all of their problems, they do not even have access to cheap and affordable healthy foods for their families. This is not the only thing Americans are unaware about. Many of them do not know the definition of food insecurities either. This is just as important to know as food deserts, in my opinion. Food insecurities are an important thing to know because so many people, families in fact, in the United States do go without significant quantities of food because they are too poor to provide. Learning about these problems makes me think that more people should donate to food pantries and do more food drives to help the less fortunate because no one deserves to go hungry. Food deserts and food insecurities can go together in many ways because not only can people not afford to buy enough food for their families, but people in food deserts, do not even have a place to buy it. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed in

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