Food Inc Film Analysis

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Theme of a movie is what the movie is going to be about or the message that the movie is given to the audience. Every year people go see the new movies that come out in theaters and each movie they see will have either the same or different theme. Whether we are watching an action packed or a crime film, the theme of the movie is the most important part. There are films that have had the same concept and have been great in the box office. For example Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War, both are talking about the same concept. Directors do this because, of the demand of what people want to see this year. A lot of techniques are used to create themes, and the journey is a long way to go to. To create the theme of a movie, it …show more content…
the documentary was persuasive to their audience in order for the people to buy their foods locally. This film was basically saying that the food is cheap but, because of all the processing it is overcost. The technique used to create the theme in the documentary was persuasive, and the movie stuck to that throughout the whole time. The editing with this was outstanding, the director used real farmers and their story was true. Food Inc. is different than other documentaries out there because, it spoke the truth about the food that everyone consumes. That reason, it featured slaughterhouses, and how the food is grown in America. Overall the message of the movie is the most important part of a movie is the message of what the film is telling the audience. It takes a lot for audience to figure out what the theme of a movie is but, once they figure out what it is they understand the movie better. Theme of a movie has a lot of steps in order to create the perfect message. The tone of a movie, setting, actors, editing, etc. is just a few of what has to go on for the message of the movie to be created. Also, the audience has to understand what is going on in the film but, the ones that leaves people guessing are the best

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